Chris Royce Memorial Scholarship

Chris Royce was Rosedale’s first classroom teacher. He taught in Shenyang, China from 2014 until he passed away unexpectedly in 2019. Chris was a talented and caring teacher who often went the extra distance to help his students and his peers. He was a knowledgeable and effective teacher who knew how to connect with students and motivate them to achieve success. He was also a capable administrator who played an important role in the overall success of the school. On a personal level, Chris was funny, kind, and generous and he will be remembered fondly by those who knew him.

In 2020, Rosedale created the Chris Royce Memorial Scholarship to honour Chris’ memory and contribution. This scholarship will be awarded every year to a fulltime student who has been enrolled in any Rosedale partner school for at least one academic year. For more information, please speak to your local principal or school administrator.

Scholarship Recipients and Honourable Mentions


Zhaldy Crispino
Zhaldy Crispino
Cebu, Philippines

Honourable Mentions:

  • W. A. Nethmi Rumeshi Fernando, Sri Lanka
  • Owen (Jiarui) Tang, China
  • Yuhao Luo, China
  • Amy (Aolei) Lin, China
    Yuchen (Elvis) Sun, China
  • Yixiao Li, China
  • Tyra (Muyao) Cai, China
  • Ash (Htin Aung) Linn, Myanmar
  • Chioma Somtochukwu Ugwunze, Nigeria
  • Pietra Torres Cavalcante, Brazil
  • Olamipo Zain Hashim, Nigeria
  • An (Andy) Chen, China
  • Chaxiulin Li, China


Fopefoluwa (Fope) Oyewole
Fopefoluwa (Fope) Oyewole
Abuja, Nigeria

Honourable Mentions:

  • Bazunu Oghenetejiri, Nigeria 
  • Bill Jiuyang Yu, China
  • Eaindray Moe, Myanmar
  • Hangfan Lin, China
  • Maria Eduara Bonomo, Brazil
  • Rick (Yiheng) Zhang, China
  • Schuyler Liu (Liu Mengyao), China
  • Tuo Li, China
  • Yian Jin, China
  • Yisheng Yuan, China
  • Zay Lin Aung, Myanmar


Kevin (Tianyou) Hou
Kevin (Tianyou) Hou
Beijing, China

Honourable Mentions:

  • Victoria Olayinka Odubunmi, Nigeria
  • Flavia (Yunfei) Chen, China
  • Ore-Ofeoluwa Odeyemi, Nigeria
  • Rita (Xiaoang) Chen, China
  • Ella (Shwe Yee) Win Moht Moht, Myanmar
  • Anna (Enlu) Yao, China
  • Iris (Ruijin) Li,  China
  • Sizhi Xu, China
  • Leah (Yuhan) Shan, China


Claire Siying Zheng
Claire Siying Zheng
Shenyang, China

Honourable Mentions:

  • Kyaw Swar Myint, Myanmar
  • Taha Waheed Fareed, China
  • Wanyi Zhang, China
  • Keth Enshou Kim, China
  • JinCheng Xu, China